Jun. 8th, 2010

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Where do I start
I am in a very deep shock , and i have no idea what do say
My sister was in the room with me when i read the sad news , and burst into tears ...

I didn't know sinomerz ..
but we share the same love ...

it is like loosing a member of your family ...
a part from your soul ~

we all know that death will approach us , but we always tend to think that we and whom we love will be out there forever ...

i hate this pain ... the pain of losing someone ...
even if you don't know / her / him ..
it is just too painful ..
and too hard to describing .. it is just .. like a very thick air lands on your chest and block your lungs ..

I am so sorry for you and your family
but , I am so sure that you have gone into a better place where you can see the angels .. and be always happy

and no , we are the ones who have to be sorry , not you , because we have lost you , and still struggle to live in this dirty life ..

be happy where you are now , God have mercy on her and let her rest in peace ..


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