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because of Aiba ordering SHELL and getting BEEF instead in Holland hahha
and how come Aiba supposes Arashi knows Dutch hahaha this is funny
and the most important things is :

S:Right! I wonder if I should look at Matsumoto-kun. me, watching recorded Music station, Matsujun make such face, he was so smiling. M:isn't it heartwarming? O:I have noticed at rehearsal. I thought he was in good face. (O-chan mimic Jun-kun) M:I haven't moved neck at all? it was just like I hold up my neck? S:me, danced with so serious face...

that's why I watch LOVE RAINBOW at music station everyday before i sleep ever since they showed it on tv ! thanks sho chan for speaking this out i love u!

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Hello! how is everything going on ? 

WARNING : I often can't make myself clear because my mind if full of naked junjun picture so please be aware

I have became a fan back in 2007 .. probably around the time when Bambino was aired . I do remember Joining Arashain.com where I learned most of the basic facts about the boys and this fandom . I do want to tell you guys that i was wondering why those people kept  repeating  stuff like " please don't post else where " " don't share outside this forum " . I was thinking " are they showing off ? I mean come on!  " Then i got to learn .. many things which are now , the main lines and rules I do follow and respect .
I was taught by a friend , how we get to watch Japanese TV shows .
First of all , this is illegal . Hence , companies have every right to throw us all in Jail . So , these people put them selves in a high risk just to help us non Japanese fans enjoy our idols " which they don't have to do it is just a favor that they willingly want to do " 
The question that many of you may ask .. how do we get to watch Japanese TV shows ? 

Well , these people sacrifice  their own free time , set down and record shows on TV , convert it .. then upload it to the internet . This process may take 2-3 hrs I think . This way , these videos go all over the fandom  and revolves all around the world and YES I do think that fans are the most powerful promoting agencies  any talent company " such as Johnny's Jimusho " can ever have and it is even FREE "

Once i learned this fact , I started giving all respect to those people . Because of them , we get to know Arashi , watch stuff that we can't watch in our homelands .. can we ??

But is this enough ? for a foreign fan ? who can't understand anything when it comes to the language ?
Fansubbers , are the people we need . The first fansubber i ever get to know is Yuckie chan and Becky chan and I was amazed " still I am " by the power of these two people ! They spend time translating .. subbing and uploading ... it is not easy . I tell you it is not easy at all

Then the picture has came away clearer to me . I know that people have been writing about it ever since .. and each day there is a community or two shutting down due to people not respecting those people huge efforts ,,
and simply i guess they wont hesitate to put us all in a great .. great .. danger ..

Do you watch Sho Kun's newszero ? They have reported that a 15 years old guy " boy " got arrested because he was uploading a manga on YOUTUBE ..

he is in the jail now .....

do you now know why we often say " DON'T UPLOAD to stream sites ????"

I think it is pretty clear ... even those stupid people who tend to break the rules can now see why we tend to put up rules

we're not showing off .. we are not making it hard for u ,.,, and we are not centric .. as some people have stated in the hate meme

we want to share the love ... and we want to protect ourselves as well
some of you my have noticed that i have locked membership for Sora takaku
I am going to be very strict about accepting new members .... don't ask why
you already know ...
I am fed up with all those who can't have a little sanity to know what is right and what is wrong ...
i am fed up with those who like to steal others' efforts and it is no longer about efforts it is more about saving our asses ......
It has gotten serious ....... please don't break this fandom down ... keep up the love .. and share the love .. and follow the rules ...
And don't ever think that you can hide forever ... we can track u down ...just be aware "I think we're all fed up )
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Where do I start
I am in a very deep shock , and i have no idea what do say
My sister was in the room with me when i read the sad news , and burst into tears ...

I didn't know sinomerz ..
but we share the same love ...

it is like loosing a member of your family ...
a part from your soul ~

we all know that death will approach us , but we always tend to think that we and whom we love will be out there forever ...

i hate this pain ... the pain of losing someone ...
even if you don't know / her / him ..
it is just too painful ..
and too hard to describing .. it is just .. like a very thick air lands on your chest and block your lungs ..

I am so sorry for you and your family
but , I am so sure that you have gone into a better place where you can see the angels .. and be always happy

and no , we are the ones who have to be sorry , not you , because we have lost you , and still struggle to live in this dirty life ..

be happy where you are now , God have mercy on her and let her rest in peace ..
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XD Jun looks funny!
download .avi file  here http://www.mediafire.com/?dkmizfmjzlm
source : smilelinecx

if any one wishes to download mp4 file let me know ne !
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