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^^ yai!!
its 7:37 where i am~ ... did not sleep yet because i spent the whole night thinking ~ 
2011 will surely bring us good news ~ as well as bad ones . It is how life goes on . 2010 was a great year for me , it was full of all sort of events both in my arashi world , and in my real world . Same date , same time back in 2010 , i was sitting all by my own setting up sora takaku because i felt i had to , it was arashi's golden special year , i felt i had to give them back . However now , Sora takaku is a one yea old community now ! ^^ yai!! but , it is time for me to step aside from subbing world . There  are many things going on right now that i can no longer do the stuff that i used to do when i was free . I am so sorry to let this whole fandom down .I am so much sorry specially for those who had faith in me and helped me building up sora takaku! without you girls! this community would have never ever existed . Without the power of the translators , and the kindness of those who have subbing skills , sora takkau would probably be dead along time ago!
I am thinking also of studying for MD , and that may even make me more busy , not to mention the jp classes i take from time to time ..
honestly , it was a hard decision to take but a must one ...
* back in hiatus mood *
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